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IoT Inc: How Your Company Can Use the Internet of Things to Win in the Outcome Economy
Grab the top spot in your industry by seizing the power of IoTSmart products are everywhere. They’re ... more

Nonprofit Lifecycles: Stage-Based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity
SECOND EDITION. Winner of the Terry McAdam Book Award for best new nonprofit book. NONPROFIT LIFECYC ... more

Mastering TypeScript - Second Edition
Build enterprise-ready, industrial-strength web applications using TypeScript and leading JavaScript ... more

Starting Out with C++ from Control Structures to Objects (9th Edition)
For two-semester courses in the C++ programming sequence, or an accelerated one-semester course. ... more

Perl Best Practices: Standards and Styles for Developing Maintainable Code
Many programmers code by instinct, relying on convenient habits or a "style" they picked up early on ... more

Python: For Beginners: A Crash Course Guide To Learn Python in 1 Week
Become a Python Programming Expert With Ease! Python is a simple yet powerful programming language ... more

The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER USA TODAY BESTSELLERAmazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are the four most ... more

Eloquent JavaScript, 2nd Ed.: A Modern Introduction to Programming
JavaScript lies at the heart of almost every modern web application, from social apps to the newest ... more

Pro ASP.NET Core MVC 2
Now in its 7th edition, the best selling book on MVC is updated for ASP.NET Core MVC 2. It contains ... more

Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen
An original novel by Clay Griffith & Susan Griffith based on the hit Warner Bros. series created by ... more


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sendmail, 4th Edition
A classic O'Reilly title since 1993, sendmail now covers Versions 8.10 through 8.14 of this email ro ... more

ActiveMQ in Action
The Apache ActiveMQ message broker is an open source implementation of the Java Message Service spec ... more

WPF in Action with Visual Studio 2008
WPF in Action with Visual Studio 2008 focuses on WPF development using Visual Studio 2008 and other ... more

PostGIS in Action
PostGIS is an open source spatial database extender for PostgreSQL. It equals or surpasses proprieta ... more

PowerShell Deep Dives
PowerShell Deep Dives is a trove of essential techniques and practical guidance. It is rich with ins ... more

PowerShell and WMI
PowerShell and WMI is an example-driven guide for administrators managing networks of Windows server ... more

GWT in Action
The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a new technology from Google that automatically translates Java into ... more

SharePoint 2010 Web Parts in Action
If you look at a SharePoint application you'll find that most of its active components are Web Parts ... more

Tika in Action
Tika in Action is the ultimate guide to content mining using Apache Tika. You'll learn how to pull u ... more

Rails 3 in Action
Rails 3 is a full stack, open source web framework powered by Ruby and this book is an introduction ... more