Android Hacker's Handbook

Android Hacker's Handbook

The first comprehensive guide to discovering and preventingattacks on the Android OS

As the Android operating system continues to increase its shareof the smartphone market, smartphone hacking remains a growingthreat. Written by experts who rank among the world's foremostAndroid security researchers, this book presents vulnerabilitydiscovery, analysis, and exploitation tools for the good guys.Following a detailed explanation of how the Android OS works andits overall security architecture, the authors examine howvulnerabilities can be discovered and exploits developed forvarious system components, preparing you to defend againstthem.

If you are a mobile device administrator, security researcher,Android app developer, or consultant responsible for evaluatingAndroid security, you will find this guide is essential to yourtoolbox.

  • A crack team of leading Android security researchers explainAndroid security risks, security design and architecture, rooting,fuzz testing,  and vulnerability analysis
  • Covers Android application building blocks and security as wellas debugging and auditing Android apps
  • Prepares mobile device administrators, security researchers,Android app developers, and security consultants to defend Androidsystems against attack
Android Hacker's Handbook is the first comprehensiveresource for IT professionals charged with smartphonesecurity.

Publisher: Wiley
Author:   Joshua J. Drake ,  Zach Lanier ,  Collin Mulliner ,  Pau Oliva Fora ,  Stephen A. Ridley   Georg Wicherski
ISBN: 111860864X
Pages: 576
Language: English
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