Basic ROBLOX Lua Programming: (Black and White Edition)

Basic ROBLOX Lua Programming: (Black and White Edition)
Inside of this book are explanations to the basics of Lua Programming. ROBLOX Lua is the language of an online game known as ROBLOX. This book will certainly not turn you into ROBLOX's best game creator over-night but it will start you on your journey to a successful ROBLOX experience. As you progress through this book you will face a pattern of the content inside each chapter. Most often you will complete a tutorial and then have a chapter of explanalions related to either the chapter you had just finished, or the upcoming chapter. By the end of this book you should be familiar with the ROBLOX Studio. You should also be able to complete basic scripts with the knowledge of the format of scripts. I do not expect you to be ROBLOX's best programmer, but you will know the basic necessities to begin a successful time in ROBLOX.
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Author:   Brandon John LaRouche
ISBN: 1475026048
Pages: 284
Language: English
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