Feminisms Redux: An Anthology of Literary Theory and Criticism

Feminisms Redux: An Anthology of Literary Theory and Criticism
The 1991 landmark edition of Feminisms presented the most comprehensive collection of American and British feminist literary criticism ever published. By 1997, realizing the need to update the work to remain within the expanded parameters of feminist literary discourse, the volume was revised to include more than two dozen new essays.

Now, at the dawn of a new century of thought and action, it is important once again to revisit the canon of feminist literary criticism and theory and re-establish the measure for representing the latest developments in the field. Robyn Warhol-Down and Diane Price Herndl have joined together once more to provide academics and general readers with a newly revised and indispensable collection of essays representing the range of feminist literary criticism.

Feminisms Redux,  presented in a concise format, includes many essays from the second edition that continue to speak to current concerns and also provides readers with new contributions that address work in postcolonial studies, queer theory, and disability studies. As in the earlier volumes, the editors have gathered the full text of original articles and book chapters, with no edited excerpts. The range of essays focuses not only on gender and sex, but also on sexuality, race, class, nationality, and (dis)ability, and the intersections among these categories as they play out in writing by and about women. More than a revision of archetypal work, Feminisms Redux represents the dawning of a new classic.

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