Learn CakePHP, 2nd Edition

With Unit Testing

Learn CakePHP, 2nd Edition
Accelerate your development of PHP applications using the popular CakePHP web application development framework and unit testing. This short book shows you how to carry out test-driven development with fixtures, model tests, controller tests, mocks, and test suites. Learn CakePHP contains all you need to get started with the CakePHP framework to build faster, better PHP-based web applications. You'll learn about unit testing and how to implement it in CakePHP. This approach to coding leads to better code, better applications, and better programming habits. With this knowledge your PHP skills will go from strength to strength allowing you to write more and improved code.
Publisher: Apress
Author:   Radharadhya Dasa
ISBN: 978-1-484212-13-4
Pages: 140
Language: English
File size: 10.5 MB
File format: PDF
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