Learn JSP in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Learn JSP for Beginners

Learn JSP in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Learn JSP for Beginners

Java Server Pages or JSP technology is used to develop dynamic Java-based web applications. Various frameworks like JavaServer Faces, Struts 2, or Spring MVC are based on JSP. To quickly switch on to this technology and to reduce JSP learning time this e-book is designed.

The step by step explanation of code and images in this book, will enable you to get a greater level of understanding on how JSP works? The book tried to explain some JSP core subject like JSTL tags, expressions, EL, etc. from grass root level. This edition has demonstrated examples on how to write template text in client side languages like JavaScript,  HTML, CSS,  and so on. To make JSP more interactive, real-time code execution option is also given. While for beginners key concepts of JSP is made easy to grasp.

With a lot of example and coverage given, this book can be a learning guide for J2EE exams. It will answer all your JSP queries. The users will not struggle anymore with error handling, implementing caching strategies or re-using code across pages after going through this book. The book is small but loaded with vital information on JSP.

Table of content

Chapter 1: Introduction

What is JSP?

Why use JSP?

Advantages of JSP

Chapter 2: JSP Life Cycle

Chapter 3: Install JSP with Jboss Server & Java

Install Java

Install Jboss Server

Installation Testing

Your First JSP

Chapter 4: Elements

JSP Declaration

JSP Syntax

JSP Expression

JSP Comments

Creating a simple JSP Page

How to run simple JSP Page

Directory Structure of JSP

Chapter 5: Actions


Page directive

Implicit objects


Chapter 6: Expression Language (EL)

Syntax of Expression Language (EL)



For loop

While loop


Chapter 7: Exception Handling

JSP Exception

Checked Exceptions

Runtime Exceptions

Error Exception

Chapter 8: MVC

MVC architecture

Example of MVC architecture

Chapter 9: Tag Library

What is JSTL


JSP Custom Tags

Chapter 10: Action - File Upload, JSP Filter, Client Request, Server Response, Cookies Handling, Date Handling

Client Request

Server Response

HTTP Status Codes

Form Processing


Cookies Handling

File Upload

Date Handling

Chapter 11: Database connection

Create Table

Create Records

JSP Operations: Insert, Update, Delete, Select

Chapter 12: JSP Example

Registration form

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