Material Design implementation with AngularJS

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Material Design implementation with AngularJS
Building web and mobile apps that are interactive, fluid and provide consistent experience across devices ranging from desktops, tablets and smart phones is challenging. User Interface (UI) elements need to adapt to various screen sizes and yet the code behind need to be reusable and follow best of coding practices. Material Design with AngularJS details out building such sophisticated web and mobile apps by combining Material Design and AngularJS concepts. Material design takes mobile-first approach. User Interactions are built to be natural with animations, positioning of elements and more. AngularJS provides many web development features like routing, accessibility, localization etc. out of box. And the framework's implementation of design patters like Dependency Injection, Model View Controller or Model View-View Model will allow better separation of concerns. This book dwells into following libraries, i) Angular Material- being built by Google team for getting best of the two worlds (Material Design and AngularJS). ii) Ionic Material – library being built to get Material Design to Ionic Framework. It's used for hybrid mobile app development. iii) Material Design Lite, plain vanilla JavaScript,  CSS and HTML library – taking advantage of such an approach in AngularJS. This combination of technologies, Material Design and AngularJS is going to be powerful with Web being a dominant platform and hybrid approach for mobile apps becoming popular every day. The approach is suitable for large enterprise or an individual developer - code once and reuse on multiple platforms and screen sizes.
Publisher: Apress
Author:   Keerti Kotaru
ISBN: 978-1-484221-89-1
Pages: 216
Language: English
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