Pro JSP 2 (Expert's Voice in Java)

Pro JSP 2 (Expert's Voice in Java)
* J2EE 5 compliant - Pro JSP 2 will be latest/first book that contains JSP 2.1 that’s in the new J2EE 5 platform.

* Covers integration and use with open source projects such as Apache Struts, Ant, XDoclet, JUnit, and Cactus. It also includes all the rich features of JSP 2 as well as adds JavaServer Faces (JSF) interoperability and integration with JSP.

* Shows the reader best persistence options, security means, performance optimization, and design patterns and best practices.

Publisher: Apress
Author:   Simon Brown ,  Sam Dalton ,  Sing Li ,  Daniel Jepp ,  Matt Raible   David Johnson
ISBN: 1590595130
Pages: 728
Language: English
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