Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration

Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration

SharePoint admin author gurus return to prepare you forworking with the new features of SharePoint 2013!

The new iteration of SharePoint boasts exciting new features.However, any new version also comes with its fair share ofchallenges and that's where this book comes in. The team ofSharePoint admin gurus returns to presents a fully updated resourcethat prepares you for making all the new SharePoint 2013 featureswork right. They cover all of the administration components ofSharePoint 2013 in detail, and present a clear understanding of howthey affect the role of the administrator.

  • Compares and contrasts SharePoint 2013 to earlier versions
  • Helps make your SharePoint 2013 installation smooth andsuccessful
  • Addresses managing customizations
  • Looks at SharePoint 2013 for Internet sites
  • Includes an introduction to SQL Server 2012

Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration enhances yourSharePoint skill set and immerses you in the new content of theplatform.

Publisher: Wrox
Author:   Shane Young ,  Steve Caravajal   Todd Klindt
ISBN: 9781118495810
Pages: 840
Language: English
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