Spring MVC Cookbook

Over 40 recipes for creating cloud-ready Java web applications with Spring MVC

Spring MVC Cookbook
Spring MVC is a lightweight application framework that comes with a great configuration by default. Being part of the Spring Framework, it naturally extended and supported it with an amazing set of recognizable annotations. External libraries can be plugged in and plugged out. It also possesses a request flow. Complete support of REST web services makes the Spring architecture an extremely consistent choice to support your front-end needs and Internet transformations. From the design of your Maven modules, you will achieve an Enterprise-standard for a stateless REST application based on Spring and Spring MVC with this book. This guide is unique in its style as it features a massive overview of practical development techniques brought together from the Spring ecosystem, the new JEE standards, the JavaScript revolution and Internet of Things.
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Author:   Alex Bretet
ISBN: 978-1-78439-641-1
Pages: 466
Language: English
File size: 42 MB
File format: PDF
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